Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer...this is your cue

Spring, with all it's wet clouds and peak-a-boo sun has been hanging around a bit longer this year. The grass is thick, the cottonwoods and willow trees smell crisp and the sage hills are still green and  fresh.

 Although we are enjoying all this Northwest moisture, we are hoping, praying and anticipating sweet, soft, warm sunshine in Boise next weekend. Saturday to be exact. This upcoming wedding will be perfection be the weather rain or shine, but we would sure like to see the the sun that afternoon. 

Although I have posted several of these engagement photos previously, I am going to throw in a slide show of my favourites. Why do a repeat? First, they are really great wintry fun! Second, to share and test the technology. Third, as a reminder that photographs are what we have after the moment. So,  give it a click and jot down some feedback. I'd love to hear what you think of this new addition to the site.     


Friday, January 29, 2010

Moving Forward

That moment when you pop the question = that moment when you hear the question. The sense that your life is forever changed in so many wonderful ways.


Moving forward from your life to our life means something
different to every couple. That place where you are still one,
 but suddenly one of two
 is a journey that deserves a memory.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing gets you thinking about saving "the moment" like watching your children grow up. As a mom, it seems that every day brings a change in my little one. As a photographer, I love knowing that every photograph holds that second in time & keeps it safe for me to return to in the future.

Family photo sessions are some of my favorites. I get to know clients, their children and even their pets. I get to see them grow and watch them change over the course of time.

I enjoy seeing the smiles, the genuine love, trust & happiness between parents and children.
Here's to happy moments.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Beginings and more beginings and the end of a year.

 2009 has been so many things for Black Pine Photography and for me. I am blessed to have a job allows me witness to so many lovely events, memories and moments. Thanks to all my wonderful clients!

The places we have traveled and the people I have met through this business have inspired me. When you smile I do too. I love being a firsthand witness to love and hope and life.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients in 2009. You and your families have been a joy to work with & I hope to see you again soon. You have all helped me make this endeavor a success. You all are the best!

While it is true that I am relocating in February 2010 to Hailey, Idaho I will still be available in the McCall & Boise area. Keep up with me on this blog and at  Don't forget to look for us on FaceBook as well.